3 Proven Strategies For Marketing Your Business On Facebook

3 Proven Strategies For Marketing Your Business On Facebook

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So you built a Facebook page for your business. Put up a super awesome cover photo. Spent way too many hours obsessing over a 170 character ‘About’ description. Spent several more hours after that coming up with 10 posts in a row so it looks like you’ve been running your page for years or at least weeks J. Then comes your launch plan – which consists mainly of announcing your new page on your Timeline and asking all your friends to Like it. Then come your results – maybe 10 supportive friends actually go Like your page. And then…. Crickets!

Sound familiar? Unfortunately this describes many entrepreneurs’ attempts to use Facebook to get more awareness and customers for their business. In some cases a business owner might take a whack at boosting a post and seeing if Facebook advertising could work for them – and in most cases that isn’t successful either. So, you’ve got a business you want to market on Facebook – what should you do??

Fortunately we’ve got three proven strategies for getting your Page off to the golden land of customers and brand awareness:

  • Direct Response Language & Creative

First, let’s talk about the posts you are creating. You are probably writing perfectly inoffensive but also perfectly ineffective posts. You need to think about what your fans are doing when they are on Facebook. They are consuming content. They are not actively looking for you, they are not shopping – they are killing time and looking to be entertained. You are interrupting them and in order to draw them away from their highly entertaining newsfeeds, your post better be pretty darn… well… entertaining! And/or enticing! We recommend testing posts of two types:

  • Entertaining – think ‘click bait’ – all those ridiculous posts you see with thousands of Likes and Shares that start with something like ‘You won’t believe what happens when…’ and then there is a link to a video on their site. Well, you won’t believe what happens when a Facebook user sees these types of posts: they actually do click! You should think about your product and think of how you can frame your offering in a way that will make people want to click. Don’t be boring. Do create curiosity. Do create suspense. Do entertain.
  • Enticing – think those old Crazy Eddie ads on TV – ‘buy this blender for only $19.99, and get this free egg slicer!’ That’s how you want to frame yourself – irresistibly! Special price, limited time, limited quantities, amazing results. Remember, Joe Facebooker is not looking to shop – and your job is to make them do something impulsive. This is very much an impulse buying channel so you’ve got to work overtime to get their attention.
  • Run Sweepstakes

Sounds trite – but nope – it’s TRIED – and true – Sweepstakes work! You take a product from your selection – a good one, worth money, that people will want. Not your junky leftover product from last year. Make sure it is something that filters for potential customers – so the people who would want to win this product are also people who would, in the event that they don’t win, potentially want to buy it.


Now, create a landing page on your website that describes the product in glowing terms and gives an email capture box – so someone gives you their email in exchange for being entered into the sweepstakes. Be sure to link to your Privacy Policy underneath the email capture box. Then post the product image on Facebook with a ‘Win This x!’ banner overlaid on the image. Describe the sweeps in the copy of the post and tell people that in addition to entering their email address, they need to share the post in order to get a chance to win.

And voila, if you picked a great product, and your friends and fans are engaged, guaranteed they will share the post to get a chance to win. And you can get all those nice fresh email addresses to market to. Not bad!

PS – You should also try boosting these sweeps posts with some ad spend, which leads us to our next point…

  • Advertise – And Outsource

And now for our top recommended way of getting customers and marketing your business on Facebook: advertising. Despite many people having heard to the contrary, Facebook advertising really really works. The ad engine is very powerful, the targeting is precise, and the ability to scale to a huge qualified audience is hard to match on any other advertising platform. The one hitch is that you don’t just want to be boosting posts – you want to use Facebook’s actual Ad Manager – and it can be challenging to figure, especially if you are pressed for time. If you do have the time and the aptitude to tackle Power Editor – awesome, that is best case scenario. We recommend just giving it a shot so at least you have a basic level of familiarity with targeting options etc. But if you have problems (we hear a lot for example – ‘I set up my ad but it isn’t spending’ or ‘I set up my ad and it spent my budget but nobody clicked on it’ or ‘Facebook rejected my creative because my text to image ratio was too high’) – then do consider outsourcing this to an agency that specializes in Facebook advertising for small businesses. There are tons of these guys out there and they are pretty affordable (one of our favorites is LiftoffSocial.com – but again, just run a search, there are lots of them). Typically an agency will talk to you to understand your business, come up with a first round of creative and copy to test, discuss bid strategy and budget, launch your first campaign – review the results – then rinse & repeat until you get your strategy nailed down. They should be able to optimize campaigns for Likes, clicks to your website, or purchase conversions. They should also be able to target by country, city, demographics, and interests. The learning curve is fairly high on the platform, and the agencies are affordable, so we really recommend getting an expert to help you out.

Ok, so there you have it. Our top 3 recommended strategies for getting yourself some customers and some business on Facebook. Hit us with any questions, and good luck out there!

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